Something Beautiful

“Show me something beautiful today,” my whispered prayer a quiet plea uttered in reaction to the ugliness of the past few days.

I walked the dogs which usually brings me peace. Being in the fresh air forces me to look externally – to get outside myself. It does wonders for my state of mind. For an hour we walked, looking for that ‘something beautiful’ to notice, to appreciate and feel grateful. Desperate for anything – butterflies, the dogs’ behavior, anything. But nothing of any significance presented itself. When I pray things like this, it usually hits me like a ton of bricks. 

Returning from our jaunt, I loved up the fur babies and got myself changed and ready to pick up the minions from school. Every day after school we stay and they play on the playground, “getting their sillies out”. I watched them play, I glanced at my phone, and chatted with other parents. My morning request long forgotten, it was an uneventful play time.

Ready to leave I asked the kids if they’d like to get a scone/donut. This is a rare treat, but I REALLY wanted a scone from my favorite coffee place. Of course they did not turn down such an opportunity! After stopping for a scone for Hannah and I, we continued to the donut place for Jacob.

It was closed.

No worries. We live in south Texas – there are donut shops EVERYWHERE. So off we went to option number two.

They were also closed.

I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me – donuts are typically an early morning thing. But we still had another option. Instead of the local places, we opted for the place we usually don’t go.

“One plain glazed, please,” I spoke into the speaker box.

“Sure thing,” responded the voice, “We’ll have that for you at the window.”

“Thank you,” I said and then pulled around the building to the window.

Stopping at the window with my dollar bill ready to pay, the window slides open and a young man leans out and hands me a bag and with a giant grin said, “Don’t worry about it.”

“What?” I ask, dumbfounded.

“Merry Christmas! It’s on us. There needs to be a little more happy, don’t you think?”

I blubbered my teary thank you and agreed, that yes – we could all use a bit more love and joy. The kids laughed, shocked that we got our order for free. I pulled away stunned.

“There was your something beautiful today.”

“Thank you,” I whispered.

Thank you first two stops for being closed today. I needed that.


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