On Purpose

Do you think we have a life’s purpose? Or is it all just random chance? Perhaps we just muddle through life the best we can and then that’s it. Other than love, the rest is just extra. Extra stuff, emails, business, setting up shop, moving, going to work, maintenance; the monotony of life. Think about what you remember from 10 or even 20 years ago? Do you remember the day-to-day stuff? No. More likely, we remember impressions and feelings, the fun we had, and we remember how we felt.

If our main purpose is simply to make a pile of cash, spend it on being comfortable and (momentarily) happy then there will never be enough. There will always be something ‘better’ to buy, someplace ‘better’ to travel, some grass always greener.

Really? Buying, selling and maintaining is all there is? No, I believe our purpose in life is to love. To show love, receive love, to demonstrate grace regardless of negativity and darkness. As 1 Corinthians states, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” (For the record, I think dogs have this love thing down. They live in the moment. They are so happy to be – right where they are.) But we need to live in the world that requires money, food, shelter, etc., so how do we go about living life on purpose?

Those things that wake you up at night, the dreams that won’t go away no matter how much you shove them aside and say, “someday”? Those are the vehicles to your purpose. When people are intensely passionate about their craft, others cannot help but be compelled and inspired. When people are living out their passions, love flows out naturally.



Without love, however, all of this is just a job. It’s something we do to fill the void of time. If our purpose is love, then it is our job to figure out what sets our hearts on fire. That, then, becomes our vehicle to the love highway!

What about you, have you discovered your vehicle? What are you passionate about?


5 thoughts on “On Purpose”

  1. …oh, and I did not answer your questions posed at the end….I discovered my “vehicle” in my thirties. Helping others achieve health and wellness. There is something about that “aha” moment that each client or participant has in a class that I never get tired of seeing. Ever. I’m passionate abut writing, though, and I always put that off. I never had time for it….or rather, did not make time. No more, though. The writing is more for ME, as selfish as that sounds. I’ve spent 24 years helping others, and I still do…and I still love it, but I now make time for ME.

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    1. Omg! I feel like you are reading my mind!! I was just saying that to another blogger friend about cringing just about the time I hit “publish”. But then I remember I write for me, not for anyone else. 😉

      I SO love that “aha”, when ppl get it. I think that’s what makes teaching/training so much fun! I have a client that gets so excited when she conquers a new exercise or moves up in weight – it’s so fun and rewarding to witness!

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  2. My co-worker and I were just discussing this. Her daughter just got her dream job of running a small organic dairy farm which is going to require a lot of change. So exciting. One lifelong passion for me is writing letters. Could that be why I love being a mail carrier? Ha ha ha.

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