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Breaking Up and Swinging

There is a movement within the fitness industry. A more healthful approach in my opinion. Fit2point0, for example, is a group of likeminded fitness professionals whose mission it is to bring health back to fitness. To be inclusive. To encourage ALL body types to move, nourish with real food and feel amazing. There are a million ways to move a body and stay strong and live a life with energy and vitality. It isn’t about aesthetics or body building.

Within the industry there are shifts in the way people are approaching health and fitness, the scale specifically. Why do we weigh? It’s the most common metric. We’ve always done it. We get weighed at the doctor’s office. But what does it weigh exactly?

Does it measure strength?

Does it measure endurance?

Does it measure progress?

Does it measure your cardiovascular health?


It’s your relationship with gravity. Period.

I hear it over and over, “I just want to get down to xxx weight.” “I weighed xxx in high school. I would be happy to get there again.”


Just… no. First of all, have you had babies since high school? Aged a decade or two? Stop looking back. Stop looking at an elusive “when I get there….” place to be happy. Why not be happy right now? Why not make progress and be happy in the process?  The scale will jack with your mind if you let it. That goal number in your head of “happy land”? Yeah, you get there, there will be a new number taunting you. Let go of some utopian number where all the world is right. “If I could just lose 5 more…then I would be happy.” No you won’t. It won’t be good enough. It never is. Throw the damn scale away.

Here are some ideas for better, less jacked-up, progress tracking tools:

Tape measurements. Use a tape and measure your bicep, waist,  hips, chest and thigh. Track that if you must track something. How do your clothes fit? Can you walk up and down a flight of stairs without being winded? Can you keep up with your kids? Are you holding up a park bench and letting them play? Get in there and play, too! Can you get through your day without caffeine? Do you experience that afternoon slump and need a stimulant (coffee, more caffeine) to make it through to evening? Can you get up and down off of the floor without huffing and puffing? How’s the blood sugar?

These are far better indicators of health than that stupid number.

Easy for me to say, right?

I get it. I struggle with it, too. So much so, that for the past 6 months I’ve been toying with an idea. I’ve been contemplating. I’ve been thinking (read: procrastinating), “I’ll get to it.” After 4 years, it was time to break up with the scale, to break up with the measurements and tracking that don’t serve as an indication of health.

And I’ve asked it of clients. I’ve asked them to take a shift in thinking and step away from the scale. But….

I’ve been hanging on to mine.

Time to practice what I preach. I fired my scale in a fun, liberating way. Take a look!

Thanks Coach Taylor Simon for the inspiration! And by the way – swinging that heavy sledgehammer felt Ah.Mazing! (Swing a sledgehammer around a while – that takes strength and gets your heart rate up!)

How about you? Do you love or loathe your scale? Perhaps it’s time for a break.

A break up.




2 thoughts on “Breaking Up and Swinging

    1. It’s a big deal. I get it. Probably why I waited for 6 months to do it. So much of the weight loss and the “success” for me was tied to those awesome weigh ins. And it served its purpose, to a point. And there’s a difference between “knowing” in our head that “yeah, yeah, the scale measures gravity” but it’s a whole other her level to full on say buh by permanently. I hesitated doing it, hesitated recording it, hesitated writing about it, hitting the publish button…

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