Faith and Personal Growth


Have we learned nothing from any of this?

People postulate about gun control, religion (or lack of) and mental health. It’s about consciousness.

We are all unconscious. Caught up in our own busy-ness we can’t be bothered to really connect, to anyone, much less those under our own roofs, in our families, and in our communities. Do we know our neighbors? Do we avoid eye contact so we don’t have to have awkward conversations? Absorbed in our own screens thinking “later” is not working. You can’t say that someone one day just snaps or breaks. It’s hurts and wounds repeated over and over until they cry out loudly enough to be heard. Perhaps we could listen when it’s just a whisper instead of a scream…

What happens when the media frenzy fades? If history is our guide, we will bury our heads in the sand once again because it’s just too scary, too frightening to think about, much less deal with. We’ll go back to numbing our pain, promising ourselves to “hug our kids a little tighter”.

Until it happens again.

Until it happens in your town.

Until it happens to your family.

Until we are ready to change, really change…it’s going to keep happening.

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