Even when I was really young, bath time was fun. My mom and I would “write” with soap on each other’s backs and the person being written on would have to guess the letter or word. Not only was it great for learning ABC’s, it was also good bonding time and created an early love of water and all things bath. Later when I was older (we obviously no longer took baths together) but while she soaked, I would sit on the floor to “visit”. We would talk about my day or whatever was on my mind. (Later she confessed that the bath was her escape, but I always seemed to find her!)

Oh how I understand those words.

We now live in a house that has a very pretty soaking tub that I am in love with. It’s wonderful, spacious and nice and deep. Perfect for lots of floating bubbles. I love to relax, letting lovely lavender scented water fill my senses as I sip a cool beverage. The sound of the running water, the warmth and steam all conspire to wash away troubles of the day.


There have been about 38 baths taken in our new house. And only one has been like the one pictured above. The rest have been more like the kids by themselves in my big tub. “It’s like a POOL in your bathroom, mom! Can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take our bath in your tub?” (And bring all of our toys, pitchers, and scrubbies to leave them all scattered in your pretty space?! Ooh! And can we use your soap?! The nice purple kind?! YAY! And don’t worry, mom. We’ll be sure to use it all!)


“Will you come in the bath with me?” Hannah asks daily. Most of the time I say yes, or that she can have the bath to herself. I, too, have carried on the tradition of soapy ABC’s, I Spy in the bathroom, and water Barbie bath splash. But sometimes – sometimes I just want the bath to myself. It’s my place to chill out and just be. (Or it’s my soaking therapy tub with epsom salts because my workouts have been kicking my butt!) When I’m in the middle of a minion bath-apolooza, I just have to keep telling myself that there will be plenty of time for baths where plastic toys will not line the tub’s edge. Until then, I will enjoy my every-so-often solo hydration hide-away.

What about you? Do you prefer baths or showers? What do you do to unwind from the day?


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