Safari Fun – Texas Style

Now that the house is getting somewhat assembled, we decided to get out and do something. We went to San Antonio to check out this:


We got to see all sorts of creatures – and they came right up to our car door!

EXCITED! “They are so close, Mom!”
Inspecting and dividing up the animal food pellets.
Why the long face?
We saw an ACTUAL Texas long horn! (They are so huge!)
Everything really is bigger in Texas!
Hello friend! I wanted to reach out and scratch his chinny-chin-chin!
Twin giraffes!
I talked to this guy. He looked at me like I was nuts. Nothing like being made to feel stupid. You know, by a bird.
“Humps are what camels are made of!” – Jacob

Hannah said “OOOH OOH OOOH! Mom look!!!” about 5000 times. Jacob laughed at the funny looking animals for about 5 minutes into the tour, then promptly wanted to go to the gift shop. Hannah said the “drive” around the park was too long. When we exited, she cried saying she wanted to go again.

Go figure.

Perhaps Natural Bridge Wildlife would like to accept two new rare breeds to their menagerie. I’m thinking they don’t have anything as wild as rug rats…

What do you think?

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