Welcome To Preschool!

The first day of preschool!!! Wahoo! Jacob was excited to start school, however was NOT excited about me trying to take pictures of him. (And you’ll have to indulge me a bit – most of this is for Eric as I can only email him about 2 pictures at a time – much easier to just get it all into one blog post!)
Packing his backpack!


Immediately following this shot, he told me not to take anymore pictures. Get used to it Bubba! It’s my right as your Mama!
This was his “First Day of School” shot. Neat. And so Jacob! LOL!
He was definitely more into playing with rocks and “ignoring” me until it was time to go.


I was a bit nervous (shocking, I know!) just hoping he would do well and have fun. But I was having a decent hair day so that helped! 🙂
The class is decorated adorably!


Jake spotted some cars and a track right away and was hooked!




Mixin’ it up in the “sand” box (it’s actually rice!)


This little boy to the left is also named Jake. He will go by Jake and my son will go by Jacob in class. I chatted with his mom and come to find out – our Jakes were wearing the same jeans and same navy blue polo shirts!! It was a crack up! And on top of that – we discovered that we actually knew each other from when I was in the high school youth group at Church! Small World!



They have this cool loft with pillows and soft quilts and a book shelf for when you just “need some quiet time”! It made me want to go back to school! I can smell the fresh notebook paper and school supplies now…..ahhhhh
Okay, maybe that’s just me. I still have a weird affinity for office supply products.


Story time!


Jacob listened so well! And when Teacher Barb asked questions, he piped right up and answered….had me in stitches – I think he thought she was talking solely to him! What a riot!




He kept inching closer and closer.





…then had to be told to sit down so others could see. HA! So funny!



LINE UP!! (I noticed he cut a few times!)


And of course they have a little playground area that is 3/4 covered so even on cloudy/rainy days, the kids can get some fresh air!


It is set up so well! I can’t wait for Hannah to start next fall!


And Jacob’s favorite! It was a ‘sand’ pit with a digger and a ton of dump trucks and excavators and all things CONSTRUCTION!!!


Lining up again to go back in….


And at the end of each day they say a prayer! It was adorable!  These teachers are AMAZING and so gifted at what they do.
And he crashed after lunch! Poor guy! It was a BIG day!

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