Flying to Minnesota….

One of the things packed into this crazy month before D-day is a whirlwind trip to Minnesota to visit with Eric’s family.

As I sit here on the plane I am feeling grateful that Hannah is snoring peacefully, Jake is (for the moment) thoroughly engrossed in a movie he has seen 5000 times. We planned well and wore the kids out with strategic stops at a friends’ to play, to eat and thank God for the person who came up with the idea for a children’s play area at the airport! I could kiss them! Pure genius! (and might I mention they have a family restroom as well as a nursing room!?) Again, pure genius!

While watching the kids play and frolic about burning off pent up energy I was struck by how disengaged the other parents all seemed to be. (No judgement – just observation. Who knows how long their layovers were!) There were about 6 other families and about 5 of the couples were into an iPad, a smartphone or otherwise engrossed in something other than the kids. The 6th couple was frantically trying to keep their what looked to be 18 month old from enjoying himself at all! It was hilarious that in a virtually rubber room this kid wasn’t allowed to climb or jump and the mother never smiled, but was biting her nails looking frantically to gauge his next move – and then attempting to prevent it! (I so used to be THAT mom!)

And then there was us. Our kids were the LOUDEST kids in the room! (shocking, I know!) For the record, the play area was surprisingly quiet or well insulated! Eric was in the middle sitting on the floor playing WITH the kids. I love that about him…

It was fun and I have to say that without a doubt THE easiest flight with the kids!


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