Failure with caveats….

Well, my little iphone experiment is a bit of a failure. Sort of.

I haven’t turned it back on yet, but I am going to shortly. With an upcoming deployment, the awesome hubbs has offered to give his up (since he won’t be able to use it anyway) so we can still save a bit of change but then I can use mine. That way I’ll still have my calendar, running GPS apps, music, etc.

But with that said, I have decided that there will be a couple of caveats with this return to my beloved iphone!

No Facebook.
I have such a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I am such a nosie nellie – its fun to see what everyone is up to…and sometimes the only way to keep up with friends and family who live far away. But I do get tired of every little post of every sneeze and sniffle everyone has. (Totally guilty of that myself!) And I’ve also tried very hard to not be negative on FB. Sure we all have bad days, and mostly my bad days are outlined here on the blog (hilarious anecdotes about life with preschoolers!) But constant negativity gets VERY tiresome on Facebook. So I’m continuing my “no negatives” when it comes to FB status’.

No idle phone time when kids are not asleep.
This week or so with no phone has opened my eyes to just how much time can be eaten up with “just a second” here and there so all in all its been a terrific experiment. It’s just time to employ a little self control.

Sigh. Good ol’ self control.  But, just like patience, I feel like if I ask for more – I’m going to be given opportunities to exhibit it! We’ll just leave it at that….

Baby steps…….


2 thoughts on “Failure with caveats….”

  1. Based on the above, I'd say your experiment was a success! I've found that when I eliminate something all-together (much like an elimination diet), it can be less effective in the long run than learning to "control the urges", for lack of better words. High-five to you.


  2. Thank you!! And high-five to you!! 🙂 I definitely feel like it's a better option – more of a middle ground approach…and yes! Love the diet analogy!!


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