A Weekend with Sharks

I have some military friends who land, get unpacked, waste no time in signing up kids for all kinds of activities, make friends rapidly and seamlessly dive right into their new duty station. I am not built this way. Whenever we move, I find that it takes a while to get adjusted, get into our routines and learn our way around. (What can I say? I’m an introvert.) Then, after a month or two, we venture out and really start to explore. (Side note: I’m not a granny driver by any means, but have discovered that Texas drivers are INSANE. The size of the vehicle is typically proportionate to the level of crazy, and there are MANY big rigs here. This is partially why it has taken me a while to venture out and about down here. )

It’s now month 6 in our new state and it was time to shake things up a bit. We love the beach, and the kids had a great time playing in the sand in the 60 degree weather last weekend, but I wanted to do something different. No errands. No getting things checked off of the to-do list. Just something fun. We headed to the aquarium!

They are working on an expansion project. They have a dolphin show, but currently the dolphins are not on site. (I have a hard time with dolphin/whale shows, especially after watching this. It’s a hard thing to reconcile wanting to learn/experience/explore, yet realizing that many of these creatures should be in their natural habitat.)
This is the in the parking area right outside of the aquarium. That bridge in the background is HIGH. I noticed I was white-knuckled by the time we came down off that thing!
Being silly!
Hannah held a sea urchin! She was up for anything. Jacob liked looking but was more hesitant about actually touching. Me? Oh, not so much.
The USS Lexington in the background! (It’s a museum now.) Can’t wait to explore it!
The big tank. Those fish are probably 3 feet long and…wait, what? What’s that swimming away? A shark?!
Crap. Yep. It’s a 5 foot shark. Now how am I going to get the dang Jaws theme out of my head!?
Apparently SEEING sharks wasn’t enough. They had to TOUCH them! ACK. Granted, they were baby sharks, but still. **Shudder**

We also saw jellyfish, but much to Jacob’s disappointment – not a single octopus. When I asked about them, we were told that octopi are very stealthy escape artists and they have trouble keeping them! Eric hopped up to north Texas for an umpire gig so we missed him on our little adventure. Next time!


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