So…This Happened….

The friend I came here to see works for Microsoft. They launch retail stores all over and she travels to the various cities for store set ups and grand openings. With each store opening there is talent booked as well. This could be singers or professional athletes.

In Dallas, it was The Band Perry and Tim MCGraw!

IMG_8167-0.JPGUmm, just… Wow!

I like his music, but had no idea he put on such a great show!

IMG_8150.JPGThen he came over to our side of the stage and I was literally an arms length away!

IMG_8156.JPGAlthough it was extremely difficult to maintain my composure, on the inside I was totally turning into my freak show 12-year-old self! And yes, he totally smiled at us. Multiple times. We are totally BFFs now.

Just sayin’.


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