Like most people, I love the weekend. I look forward to lazy days, getting stuff done around the house days, help with minion patrol, sleeping in (I wish!) not having to get dressed unless I really want to, long runs, eating breakfast and having slow sips of coffee. Those no agenda days are simply bliss in a week filled with schedules, homework, and early bed times.

Routine has its place, to be sure, but so do big pots of simmering soup, fluffy sweaters, porch sitting and time to just be. I love the idea of Saturdays, the promise of them. Sadly, my vision of a great lazy weekend morning is never the same as my family’s.

Case in point: my son.

IMG_8041.JPG Clearly, giving a muddy bike a wash down is top priority. At 8am.

That sleeping in idea?! Pffft! Sleep is overrated if you ask my daughter whose sole mission in life is to ensure no one sleeps past 5:45 a.m. This little gem was at 7 a.m.:

Then of course after all that muddy fun, we had to clean up!

IMG_8039 IMG_8040 IMG_8035

Hosing her down, I realize it’s now time to do laundry, throw her in a bath and possibly the dog, too. So much for that comfy sweater and a warm cup of coffee…that cup has long since gone cold!


2 thoughts on “Visions”

  1. I was just looking through pictures of my two older ones and I wanted to say that it goes by so fast. I was almost in tears looking through their 3rd and 6th birthday party. We had a pirate/princess party and everyone came dressed to the T. I don’t know why I go back to those pictures. Maybe it’s because as chaotic as that time of my life was, you can see it in the pictures clear as day, that they were so happy and so loved. I too was wishing for a cup of coffee or just a good sleep those days, but I also wish I had one more day with them that little. They were such a hand full and they drove me nuts!! But they were my crazy kids. Now, the almost teenager is pleased with his video games and friends. He gives me an occasional hug and kiss, and returns to me when he needs me for comfort. It’s just not as often as I’d wish. And my daughter is just so innocent and sweet, I hope she never loses that feature but I know for a brief moment she will. I just hope she doesn’t lose it for long. If Landon weren’t here, I’d be a very sad and lonely Mama wishing that they were over filling the bath tub with bubble bath and throwing the cat in. Now that’s Landon’s job and when he grows up I am screwed! 😉 Hang in there Mama, your babes are absolutely perfect.

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    1. Thank you so much for the reminder D. I go back and forth between wishing they were older, and simultaneously wishing they were younger when i look back at pictures too! It really is going so fast, and i think faster on some respects becaise of being a military family. I tend to get caught up in where we are for “for these 3 years,” or thinking about how old they’ll be by the tine we move again.

      Time for more living in the now!


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