I Think It May Be Time

We’ve been living la vida lodge for almost 2 weeks (more if you count the camping and hotels to get here). We’ve done all sorts of things to pass the time; attempting to Positive Polly the situation, full on meltdowns (you know just for fun), playground time such as this one:

IMG_6793Taking selfies to send to friends, such as this (way over-tired) one here:


We’ve played countless games of Sorry!, Crazy 8s, Old Maid, War, and of course Slap Jack.


Nope, not strip Crazy 8s, just Crazy 8s with a Hawaiian baby who refuses to wear shirts. (Thanks Stef! ;))

We’ve gone bowling on base, which was actually pretty fun! Jacob is getting the hang of it, although we keep having to remind him that it’s bowling etiquette to allow the neighboring bowler to take his turn first, not race him up to the foul line and ensure your ball flies farther and louder!


Of course there is coloring as an option. This lasted maybe an hour. It was a blissful, spa-like experience!

10401437_10202538549329406_7019367957096005623_nWe’ve also discovered the wonders of the local grocery store, HEB. They have a TON of pre chopped, prepped, sliced and diced foods. Perfect for living la vida kitchenette!  Here’s Vanna White eating some coleslaw!

1234714_10202540627221352_8779008168713196846_nThe Mrs. T.F. (tooth fairy for the uninitiated) even stopped by for a visit to pick up tooth #2!

10403512_10202547053902015_4413452592231776797_nAll of these have been fun. We are even headed to the pool today. (Can’t wait!) But what has me so excited, day after day, is the maid service. This is the one chance of the day to have an adult conversation with another female. I know that one of the ladies is having her first grandchild. I know the other one is a mil spouse of nearly 30 years. I look forward to chatting with these ladies. We had a maid we haven’t met yesterday, but she was quiet and didn’t feel like chatting apparently. Or I may have scared her. Come to think of it, she was very efficient and cleared out pretty quickly.

Maybe it’s my turn to be scared. Let’s just hope I don’t come across like Jesse in the ‘very special’ episode all hopped up on caffeine pills.

SoExcitedSoScared_QuickMeme_420x305I think it may be time to get outta the lodge!


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