It’s Here!

It’s moving day! Or, rather, days – as is plural. Who moves in just one day? I’d like to meet them…and take notes!

It’s a sea of boxes around here, tent is pitched in the back yard, and PCS season has arrived!



We are camping out in the back yard this time around. It’s great for a few reasons:

1. Easy access to clean up the joint after the packers have left.
2. Not having to pay for a hotel room.
3. It’s an “adventure” for our kids. And us.
4. Camping = Memories
5. Annoy the heck out of our neighbors as our extremely large tent takes up the entire yard!
6. Late night giggles
7. Early sleepy faces that slowly break into a grin as they realize “Yes! We are camping!”

It’s also been cleaning time as evidenced by the surplus of Magic Erasers and rubber gloves!


But, all that cleaning couldn’t have happened without the help of my friend Payton who offered to watch Hannah (Jacob migrated over, too) so we could get to some serious scrubbin’! Not only that, she made us dinner last night (delicious!) and lunch today!!! Everyone needs friends like this! (Payton – you rock!)

And the neighbors across the street brought this awesomeness:


Jake’s head nearly exploded when he set eyes on it!

Despite the chaos that always ensues, the inevitable delays (moving truck 1 day later then originally planned), the packed-but-wasn’t-supposed-to-be-items, so far it’s shaping up to be a great move!


What do you think?

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