Traveling Practice

We went for a weekend to Portland to visit with friends and it turned out to be an opportunity for practice. With our upcoming “adventure” (what else can you call driving across the country with a 3 and a 5 year old?) packing for Portland opened my eyes to a couple of things:

1. Always check the kids’ suitcases. Always.
1.5. Even when you tell said kids what they need to bring, check.
2. Realize that I am the world’s worst packer and have the hubby double check me…because he really is a master and recognizing any and all conceivable needs on a trip.
3. Apparently all you need for a fun vacation is a bathing suit, pajamas, and a Star Wars Lego book.
4. Or perhaps a hulk mask, bathing suit and a foam sword.



Thank goodness for a nearby Target! I think we’ll let Eric pack next time!


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