Trip to Maui

We got a chance to get a girls night out!! So much fun! We did our usual dinner at the mai tai bar at the Royal Hawaiian hotel. It is so beautiful there and dinner on the water just can’t be beat!
 We took pictures of each other from the balcony of Moose McGillicutty’s. Great food in Lahaina!
 Yummy mai tais and lava flows too!!

Back on Oahu, we had a beach day at the Hilton lagoon. 
 The lagoons are great for the kids because there are virtually no waves!
 Fun in the sand!!
 Daddy got Jake a mixer!!
Hannah in her little Hawaiian dress!

Jake in the banyan tree in Lahaina!

Its been such fun and we get to attend a fun event tomorrow….part of the Hawaiian International Film Festival…..stay tuned!!!


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