Bittersweet Friends

We always say it’s not going to happen. We’ll be there for each other, even after they move. Or we move. Or we both are flung to opposite sides of the world.

And we swear, “This time. This time will be different. This time we’ll really stay in touch.”

We do to some extent. Lots of calls and texts and seeing how the new digs are shaping up. “Do you like your new place?” “Have you met any friends yet?” and “How are the kids holding up?” are all updated frequently. Then ever so slowly life happens. New friends slip in to our lives. Boots on the ground/in your every day life friends. While they open our hearts again, it becomes more challenging to keep up with kids and day to day stuff and maintain all those long distance friendships. The noise of our new life in a new place is often too loud to hear faint whispers… and we, too become lost in the memories of their past places.

The calls become texts. Texts start out frequent, but slowly fade to weekly occurrences. Check ins. Details get lost, and so it goes. Social media offers glimpses into their present. Those pictures of their new life without you in it are so bittersweet, as it is for them to see yours. They sting a little. And once again you remind yourself that it’s all part of the process. This breaking of hearts and wondering if this whole transient life is worth it.

I think it is.

It hurts.

But it’s worth it.



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