I lost 50 and other random thoughts

50 pounds. Just gotta take it in and celebrate it. I feel like this past year I’ve done quite a bit of “success celebrations”! Life isn’t always rosy, but I feel very grateful to be in my skin, in my shoes, and loving my life.

We are settling in to our new home quite nicely and catching up with friends, checking out the playgrounds and of course working out bootcamp style!! It’s been so rewarding to pass on the things I’ve learned and that have changed my life to my loved ones. And, yes, I admit that I do enjoy torturing them a just a bit, too!! But in a loving way!! (Muahahaha!!!)

I’ve signed up for 2 half marathons and a 5 mile Tulip Run. I love signing up for events because it keeps me focused on training and gives me the opportunity to set and then blow goals out of the water! 🙂

Eric is currently in his “home away from home” on board the U.S.S. Eisenhower. Not having him home stinks. No matter how you look at it, deployments and separations are just plain hard. I had been dreading sea duty. But now that it’s here – there isn’t the paralyzing fear that I once had. And that, to me, is also something to celebrate!


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