26.2 Miles

Well, I can't believe it. I did it. I ran a marathon! 26.2 miles - Woohoo!!! It's still a little surreal and hard to fathom that I did it... 

 It was so intense both physically and mentally. I think other than giving birth, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am so glad I did it and I got the t-shirt!!

I have to say that along the 24.2 miles it definitely wasn’t lost on me just how far I’ve come in a relatively short amount of time. It’s really incredible. And yes, I am taking a minute to toot my own horn. :) Since July of 2011 I have lost 43 lbs, gained an incredible amount of strength and confidence, lost inches, gone down 4+ sizes and gained some amazing friendships. It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating the fact that I could run one mile (ONE MILE!!) without stopping. And now I just did 26.2!  

With all that said and as proud as I am of myself for accomplishing such a daunting feat, I don’t know that I will ever do another marathon. It’s taken me a week to recuperate and feel somewhat functional again. I love running and I love challenging myself in new ways, but I think half marathons are crazy enough for this girl!
Looking for Eric and Katy
 Still scanning the crowds for my peeps….
 Finally I spot them!!
 And then I become an emotional wreck!
Hiccuping and trying to catch my breath…
As Jacob would say, “WHEW! I made it!”

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